23 October 2009

Yes, i'm ALIVE!

Hey girls,

Hope you've not all forgotten about me! Its been a hectic few weeks.

As many of you may be aware, i started University at the start of this month and i'm loving it! I spent all of Freshers week partying the night away and sleeping the day. After a fun yet hectic Freshers week i was raring to start some actual lectures and was excited to carry out something productive. However my hopes were pushed aside when i contracted the dreaded Swine Flu! I felt like death all last week - its just like the normal flu but add in the Tamiflu and it makes you feel ten times worse, i actually think the Tamiflu caused me more harm than good! Anyway, 1 week of daytime tv, sleeping and hardly eating i'm back to normal, bar a chesty cough and the sniffles. ;) I attended this weeks lectures and i am really enjoying the course, and the people seem lovely too - although i have got lost a few times around campus!

Again, this is just a quick post to let you all know i am here and i am keeping upto date with all your blogs/YT vids. Usual blogging will commence from me soon - promise!

Felicity xo
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