30 March 2011

Twirls and Curls : Babyliss Conical Wand

Hello girlies,

I've always longed for gentle, tumbling curls, which unfortunately my GHD's could never fully achieve - i was left with kinky curls. That sounds wrong, but you know what i mean, curls with a bit of a kink in them! Anyway, last November-ish i'd been researching various curling tongs/wands for a while and decided the one for me had to the much sought after Babyliss Conical Wand (2285U). So when my mum asked me what i wanted for Christmas i presented her with the idea of a Conical Wand.
... Skip forward to Christmas day and there it was, underneath the Christmas tree!

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The Babyliss Conical Wand is different to other curling irons as it does not have the clamp on it, which many others do. This to me is a major plus, as i feel (speaking from experience) that clamps tend to get more in the way, and make curling your hair quite a fiddly process. With the abscence of the clamp on the Conical Wand it makes curling your hair a much easier process.

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Another feature of the Conical Wand is the heat settings. There are 4 different heat settings(155c, 170c, 185c and 200c), which means you can tailor the heat setting to your preference. E.g. If you have quite thin hair you may wish to use the Conical Wand on a lower heat setting as your hair will not take as long to style or need as much heat to curl. I personally use the highest heat setting, as my hair has a tendancy to not hold a curl very well, grrr!

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One little feature of this product which i believe is great is the swivel cord. This allows you to have complete freedom when styling your hair, theres nothing worse than being restricted by a silly wire when styling your hair!

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All sounds fab right? Well trust me, i blooming well love my Conical Wand, i use it nearly everyday and it has overtaked my beloved GHD's as my favourite heated hair appliance.

There is one tiny little negative though and thats that if you are not careful you can REALLY burn yourself on it. Seriously, the number of times i've cursed whilst using my Conical Wand is astounding! The reason i burn myself so easily on this is because you have to wrap and hold a piece of hair around the wand, and usually my hand bumps into the hot wand. Ouch! To be fair though, the Conical Wand does come with gloves, but i just can't be bothered to put on a pair of gloves everytime i want to curl my hair...

The negative point has nothing to do with the Conical Wand itself, its just a personal thing, and to be fair - i am quite a clumsy person. Case in point; Today i burnt myself on a Toastie Machine and walked into a chair....

I'd highly recommend the Babyliss Conical Wand if you are looking for a curling iron.

Prices range from £24 but if you shop around you can get a great deal.
Babyliss Conical Wand is available from Boots Argos Amazon and other leading electrical/beauty retailers.

Felicity xo


  1. i have this and i love it, although i can never quite get the results i desire and i think it takes a lot longer than with straighteners.. x

  2. I really want to get myself something like this!

  3. i've been dying to get one of these!

    LOVE your blog! following you now :)


  4. I have the remington pearl conical wand. My hands are permanently covered in burns. They are so so dangerous but so good haha. xxxx

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