16 March 2014

Review // Online Pharmacy Website Farmaline


A couple of weeks ago i received a parcel from the Belgium online pharmacy website, Farmaline. Farmaline very nicely allowed me to choose one product from their website to review. After browsing the website, my eyes were drawn to the elusive Bioderma! I've been itching to try Bioderma for so long so now seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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I received my parcel very swiftly (well within a week from ordering), which came packaged well in a branded box. Farmaline had also included a few samples of other skincare brands (Louis Widmer, A'Vogel) and also a rather large sample of the Vichy Foundation Kit which i know is meant to be amazing so i'm very excited to try that out. I also received a full size bottle of the Vichy 3 In 1 Purete Thermale Micellar Water which i have not yet tried but i'm looking forward to seeing how it compares to the Bioderma.

I've been using the Bioderma pretty much since i received it and i've found it removes my daily make up with ease. If you find yourself to be a bit lazy with your skincare then Bioderma will suit you perfectly. Every night i apply the Bioderma to a cotton pad and simply glide the pad around my face and eyes to remove all my make up. After swiftly removing my make up i am left with clean skin, no oily residue (which a lot of cleansers leave behind), no red eyes and it didn't irritate my skin either. This stuff truly lives upto the hype. As i previously mentioned, Faramaline also included a Vichy Micellar Water which i'm interested in seeing how this will compare with the Bioderma - comparison to come asap.

Farmaline stock a range of great skincare and health products and are well worth a look into. I for one found the experience very easy and fast. http://www.farmaline.co.uk/health/

Felicity xo



  1. Glad you enjoy the Bioderma so much, the Vichy one is a little different but the same concept. Happy testing!

  2. Great review x I always get lazy with removing make up, I like products that remove it asap with no panda eyes left after. I think I will try a micellar water next time x

  3. Love your blog, just followed you on bloglovin :) Check mine out if you get the chance!



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