9 March 2014

Video & Review // Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

Hi girls,

If you didn't know already, i've recently decided to enter the realm that is YouTube. I've already uploaded 2 videos (Whats In My Bag and a February Favourites) and today's video is a tutorial for my beloved Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers. I'm hoping that the more videos i make, the more confident i will become on camera...

You can watch the video below

Alongside the tutorial of the Heated rollers i thought i'd include a blogpost alongside, y'know so you can see some decent photos and read about them in more detail.

The rollers arrive in a rather large plastic container, with a plastic lid. Inside, there are 20 rollers (10 larger for volume and 10 smaller for more defined curls) the rollers have a small slit in them which slots nicely into the rail in the casing, which is where they heat up. The rollers take around 2 minutes to heat upto their maximum heat setting.

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(Don't mind me in the reflection...)

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The heating process of the heated rollers is quite innovative, as heat is emitted from both the roller, and from the butterfly clip which has a metal plate on the inside. Both these work together to ensure that the roller stays heated for longer, meaning your style will last a whole lot longer. If you have thick long hair, these rollers will ensure that the heat is carried throughout your hair.

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The rollers have a velvet type texture to them which means that they cling to your hair a lot better. Once the hair is rolled around the roller, you simply place one of the butterfly clips on top to hold the roller into place. Once all the rollers are in place, it takes around 10 minutes until all the rollers have cooled down to touch, which is when you know they are ready to be gently removed.

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I've used these rollers both when my hair was longer and also on my now shorter hair, and the rollers work great on both lengths. For use on longer hair, they can give you that gorgeous hybrid hair of Cheryl Cole/Victorias Secret - If you want to see the rollers in action on longer hair, i'll refer you to Corrie (of Dizzybrunette3) who is a whizz at using them on her long hair (link)

Tips & Tricks

♥ I find starting from the crown area easiest, then simply work your way through your hair.
♥ If you want more root lift, pull the piece of hair forward and down and roll so the roller sits tight on your hair.
♥ Always roll the roller under rather than over if you want more volume. If you roll upwards over the hair you will get more of a flickier style.
♥ Make sure the piece of hair is knot free and fairly smooth before rolling, this will ensure a more sleeker finish when the roller is released.
♥ For more hold, you can spray each piece of hair with hairspray before using the roller.
♥ If you want bigger but more relaxed waves, try wrapping a larger piece of hair around the roller.
♥ When the rollers are ready to be removed, start from the front section and work your way back.
♥ To ensure that you don't lose any of the butterfly clips - clip each clip back onto the roller when you remove them.
♥ Finally, if you find that your first go wasn't 100% *raises hand sheepishly* don't worry, it took me a few attempts to suss out exactly how to use them.

I absolutely love these rollers, they give full bodied bouncy curls within around 15 minutes and are very easy to use on both longer and shorter hair. Check out my video on them (link) if you fancy a look at them in action - and if you're feeling SUPER nice feel free to Subscribe/Like/Comment. I'm really trying to give YouTube a go, so any interactions would be fab! haha *shameless plug over*

I've found that the rollers are often on offer, so a quick google is well worth it if you are looking to buy these rollers. The rollers are currently on offer at very.co.uk (link) for £48.00 instead of the RRP which is £60.00 (I'm not affiliated/sponsered by Very *i wish ;)*)

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, i can't believe how warm it is today - Hello Spring!

Felicity xo

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