30 June 2009

20 Questions Tag

1.Things you cannot leave the house without:
My Rimmell Jelly Gloss lipgloss - which i love, my phone, hairspray and a pack of tissues.
2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
GOSH, Rimmell - simply because of the Sexy Curves mascara and i love Urban Decay products too.
3. Favourite flower:
I love all flowers really, but my fave is the traditional rose!
4. Favourite clothing store:
I work at River Island so obviously thats gonna be one of my faves but i also like TopShop, Warehouse and Miss Selfridge.
5. Favourite perfume:
Miss Dior Cherie - I discovered it for the first time yesterday and absolutely LOVE it!
6. Heels or Flats:
Flats in the daytime and Heels at night. :)
7. Do you make good grades:
Yeah, i wasn't like a super braniac but i did ok.
8. Favourite colours:
Pink, White and Gold
9. Do you drink energy drinks:
I can't drink them on their own but Vodka Redbull is my fave drink on a night out - seriously i think i'm addicted to them!
10. Do you drink juice:
I drink the version where you add water to it, theres one called Summer Barley by Robinsons or something like that and i love it.
11. Do you like swimming:
Its ok, i hardly ever swim though, apart from on holidays.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
Only in a restaurant.
13. Favourite moisturiser:
No7 Protect and Perfect
14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes, i want a massive wedding!
15. Do you get mad easily:
No, i'm quite a calm person.
16. Are you into ghost hunting:
Nope! I sometimes watch "Most Haunted" but only because i think the woman in it is hilarious!
17. Any phobias:
Dogs - one attacked me when i was younger.
18. Do you bite your nails:
Yes, but i'm trying to stop - Day two and i'm till going strong!
19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
20. Do you drink coffee :
Yes, i tend to go through phases where i'll drink it for like a week then i'll go off it for a month or so.

29 June 2009

Make Up, Fashion and Me


My names Felicity and after discovering the beauty guru community on YT and Blogspot i've decided to give it a go!

A little bit about me . . .
Well, as you now know my names Felicity and i'm from Derbyshire in England. I'm 19 and am currently on a gap year before i start Uni in October. I'm working at River Island at the moment, its a great place to work and i really enjoy it. So thats the essential point to know about me.

I decided to make a blog and YT channel because i simply love make-up, i love testing new products, discovering new brands and of course admiring the pretty packaging!
I must admit at heart i am a drugstore girl simply because its affordable and its sort of my comfort zone, but thats where you guys come in - i need some advice! I'm planning a MAC trip soon and need some advice on what to buy, i've never been before so any reccomendations would be great.

I shall be recording a video tomorow and popping it on YouTube - Probably just an intro/my fave products vid.

Oh and before i forget i'm gonna mention some of my fave YT girlies -
LucyMarie85 - I love this girlie, she's the first beauty guru i came across and i'm forever checking her channel for updates! She's so pretty and seems like such a sweet girl.

BeautyMarked - I found out about BeautyMarked19 from Lucy's channel, although BM is pretty new on YT i can tell she's gonna be one to watch - her vids are great especially the scarf collection!

Lollipop26 - This girl is like a legend in the beauty guru community! Her vids are very informative and you can tell she has a passion for all things beauty.

hollymae20 - Holly is definately one of my fave YouTubers and definately inspired me to start blogging and posting vids.

Felicity xoxo
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