17 September 2009

Ins and Outs *4

Hey :)


* 15 days until Uni - YAY!
* Xmas temp interview @ Boots :)
* Lookbook - Seriously, it's like my drug! haha
* Twilight books - I'm not really a book type of person but i love this saga. :)
* Autumn - My fave season, it gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate and wear big cosy warm jumpers.
* Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Mascara - I know this has had mixed reviews but i love it, it is very overpriced though @ £14.99 :o


* Student Finance - If you follow me on twitter you'll of probably of heard me banging on about them, 15 days to go and no tuition fee's/grants/income assessed loan. :( Sort it out SLC!!!!
* My hair colour - Its gone a light brown/auburny and i hate it, i'm gonna buy a home dye kit from Boots next week. :)
* Facebook Stalkercheck app - I don't like looking on peoples profiles now! lol
* Finishing work soon and living off my loan - Goodbye money. :(

13 September 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Hola! :)

Sorry i've been MIA recently, been pretty uninspired and had camera issues too, BUT don't worry because i'm back and better than ever! :)

Most of you be aware of the Maybelline event which took place on Thursday in Hammersmith. Due to financial issues/other engagements i couldn't attend, which i was super upset about because i was really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about the brand itself and the new products which Maybelline have recently launched (Colour Sensational l/s and the Pulse Perfection Mascara).

However, Natalie from Headstream PR who organized the event with Maybelline was kind enough to send me a few of the products to try out.

In this post i'll be nattering about the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara > What a name!

Mascara is my number one favourite beauty item, without it i feel naked, so this mascara had a lot to prove!

So when i finally managed to get the mascara out of the packaging i started prodding and pulling it to try and get it to vibrate, my excitement of owning a vibrating mascara had obviously taken over by then! 10 minutes later i STILL couldn't get it to vibrate, i re-read the instructions but to be honest i don't think they are very clear, it says -
  • Start - Pull plastic tab to remove completely then discard.

Now, to me a "plastic tab" is actual plastic, so i instantly looked at the top of the mascara to find the plastic section (where the battery is enclosed) i couldn't see a "tab", in hope of finding some clearer instructions i logged onto the Maybelline website and found an all singing, all dancing (ok maybe not!) demonstration on how to activate the vibrations and it turns out all i needed to do was remove the sticker which was around the battery section of the mascara! A sticker is not the same as a "plastic tab" in my books, but hey ho, what can you do! :)

Moving swiftly on . . . .

In terms if packaging i think it looks good, but it's nothing special but to be honest, a vibrating mascara kind of sells itself - you hardly need fancy packaging to intice people further! I've noticed that the American version of the Pulse Perfection mascara has a black top instead to enclose the battery, while us UK buyers have the transparent top. I personally think the black top looks more professional and less intimidating!

I used this mascara for work this morning and i really like it! I find that with just 2 coats i can achieve noticably volumized and lengthened lashes and the vibrations are easy to control and handle. My all-time favourite mascara is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Mascara, it's an item which i re-purchase time after time. So how does the Pulse Perfection compare? Well in my opinion i think the Pulse Perfection is definately on the same wave length, but for £14.99 so it should be!

Is it really worth it, or is it just a gimmick? I do love this mascara and will very much enjoy using it, but i don't think i will re-purchase as i cannot justify paying out £14.99 for a mascara when a £7.99 Rimmel Sexy Curves can do a similar job, i think this product is overpriced and think that because of this it will not get the exposure it deserves, it IS a good mascara but in my books it isn't worth the rather hefty price tag!

A vibrating mascara, whatever will they think of next, a roll on foundation? . . . . . oh wait!

Felicity xo


1 September 2009

Style Idol - Kim Kardashian

Hello, : )

Okies, so this isn't gonna be a beauty post as such, its going to be a more fashion/candid post.
I'm starting a new series of posts called "Style Idol" < genius eh, AND it rhymes!
Style Idol posts will consist of me posting about my Style Inspirations or people i simply admire.

My first Style Idol is *drum roll* . . . . the gorgeous Kim Kardashian!

Embarrasingly, i've only just started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (i'm currently on Season 1 Episode 4) but i'm loving Kim's look, i've been researching her on the t'internet and love how she conveys quite an elegant yet chic look. Kim tends to keep to neutral colours which she knows suit her complexion, when Kim does inject some colour into her outifts its usually by a slick of red lipstick to make her outfit pop!

In terms of make-up Kim sticks to the tried and tested smokey eye look, with lashings of eyeliner to really intesify her peepers! Kim keeps the rest of her face neutral with a nude lip. Occasionally though Kim switches things up by letting her lips do the talking with a striking rouge red!

Feel free to use post your own "Style Idol" series, hey maybe it could become a tag?!

Hope your all well!

Felicity xo

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